Dr Demetrios Zamboglou

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

- James Humes

Demetrios Zamboglou is a highly successful entrepreneur and visionary who has advanced the financial sector, by raising the standards of excellence and helping to usher in a new era of blockchain technology.

A PhD graduate from King’s Business School in the UK, Dr Zamboglou has always harboured big dreams of changing the world for the better. To do this, Dr Zamboglou has challenged and pushed himself on both a technical and creative level to build successful businesses and to redefine traditional paradigms in Finance.

In addition to his professional work, Dr Zamboglou has also supported a range of charitable causes and promoted his personal philosophy of transparency, unity and leadership. From a young age, he has been guided by the understanding that in order to achieve anything significant, things must be done within a framework of unification and common goals. Just like Yoko Ono once said, “a dream you dream alone is only a dream, but a dream you dream together is reality.”

Dr Zamboglou’s passion for learning and persistent self-improvement has equipped him with the required quantitative skills which have allowed him to secure various Senior positions in the Fintech sector. To this day, he continues to develop new skills necessary for the impending future in Finance – a future built on decentralisation, integrity and sovereignty.

To optimise his strategy for success, he has not only acquired extensive knowledge and a deep understanding from an academic perspective, but equally importantly, he has obtained firm results by practically applying his avant-garde ideas in the City of London – the heartland of global financial markets.

Since he was a teenager, Demetrios has evidenced his zeal for excellence in technology by winning two of the most highly-respected national awards in Cyprus (his country of birth) – the Technology award and the Research Award in Sciences.

Having worked in Fintech for almost two decades, Dr Zamboglou is now an avid advocate for the purposed fusion of finance and technology and firmly believes that technology can connect, unite and redefine how people live their lives. His underlying goal is to usher in a world where the obligations to our children are not only fulfilled but that cherished concepts such as abundance, health, ethics and liberty are ensured in perpetuity for all future generations.