The Zamboglou Family Foundation initiative was proposed  by Andreas G. Zamboglou to honour the memory of his grandfather Efstathios – a peaceful soul displaced by war, forced to move from the Ottoman Mersin to Cyprus as a refugee in 1922.

Having been displaced in the aftermath of the Greco-Turkish War, Efstathios experienced the gruesome effects of war including bereavement and persecution, losing several family members and friends in the process. He experienced first-hand what it’s like to have his entire life turned upside down by events outside of his control.

His journey to Cyprus was an arduous and challenging one that relied upon his wits, as much as it did on the grace of God.

Our grandad Efstathios lost all his material possessions and almost everyone in his family, which meant he had to rely solely on his craft and his talents to survive. Despite the severe hardship he was facing, he was able to re-establish his factory business and rebuild his life anew to the point of becoming one of the largest factory owners in Cyprus. Not only did he survive, but he prospered under adversity.

Inspired by Efstathios’ stoic perseverance, infallible resilience and indomitable can-do attitude, the Zamboglou Family Foundation will be dedicated to promoting excellence in today’s challenging times.

The Foundation is here to support students suppressed by hardship and to enable them to develop their talents for the benefit of their communities and the world.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going – and we stand in solidarity with people that aren’t daunted by adversity, with those that welcome life’s challenges, and individuals that are desperate to succeed regardless of the circumstances. We are our dreams and want to help people realise them. This Foundation intends to enable bright people to shine.

Currently, the Zamboglou Family Foundation is in the concept phase with work ongoing regarding specific procedures, goals and functions that will be publicised in full detail by the end of 2024.